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We are excited to announce that we have launched a site-wide incentive for all our customers booking Car Insurance.
We’ll give our customers £150 vouchers to put towards their MOT, servicing and tyres for a whole year.
They’ll be able to use them at over 1,000 UK garages, including big names and smaller garages too.

Surprise visits to the garage can leave you feeling stressed and out of pocket – that’s where we come in. As well as hunting down the best deals for your insurance, we’re also offering a helping hand to keep your car running throughout the year.

When you buy your car insurance through us, you’ll get £150 towards the costs of maintaining your car. This includes up to £65 off an MOT and full service, up to £30 off a full set of tyres, and £15 off for two. You can also get between £5 and £30 off a wide range of maintenance costs.

You can use your car care vouchers at hundreds of participating garages around the England, Scotland and Wales, including big names like ATS, as well as smaller independent garages.