Everything Home.

Landlords and Tenants.

Spaciable helps landlords and tenants meet in the middle.

Landlords can add details of their properties, advertise homes, arrange viewings, communicate with tenants, manage maintenance and more.

By creating a seamless line of communication, items in need of repair can be reported and arranged via an easy-to-use defect management system, all from the comfort of the sofa, removing the need for drawn out back and forth phone calls and emails, creating a standard procedure that minimises time and stress.

Landlords will be able to send notifications to tenants, keeping them abreast of key dates in their tenancy and routine inspections.

Digital tenancy agreements can be provided to tenants, ensuring each party’s rights and responsibilities are clearly understood, quickly settling any disputes that may arise – no more disagreements as to whether a peacock counts as a ‘normal domestic pet.’

A useful list of FAQs will help tenants maintain the property, protecting the long-term aesthetic and value, while the How To articles provide a wide range of lifestyle advice and inspiration that can significantly enhance a tenant’s experience.

Ultimately, Spaciable dramatically improves the landlord-tenant relationship, leading to increased loyalty and fewer disputes, saving the landlord time and money, while ensuring the highest standard of living for tenants.

Spaciable can also be seamlessly integrated into the existing systems and processes for PRS developments, complete with training and ongoing support.


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