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Spaciable takes buying, selling and owning homes into the digital age.

Homebuyers and homeowners will have access to a contact directory, a local area guide, a list of FAQs and an interactive document library, streamlining the buying process.  This ensures they are well-informed at all stages and stores all the information about the home in one easy to access place.

The Services feature allows users to request quotes from reputable, approved suppliers and service providers, spanning removals, mortgages, insurance, conveyancing, utilities and lifestyle, thereby reducing some of the strenuous tasks that are ever-growing during the buying process and helping to save money.  Services is available whether you are buying, selling or just living in your home.

Homebuyers and homeowners are encouraged to embrace their inner interior designers.  The Home Designer function provides a virtual canvas for them to visualise the layout of their home by selecting various finishes and furnishings.  No more guesswork as to whether a sofa will fit through the doorway.  No more mismatched wallpaper and carpets.

The information available on the portal can be upgraded to include appliance manuals and details of finishes, ensuring homeowners can safely operate, maintain and troubleshoot their home’s fittings, as well as accurately replace any damaged finishes. 

As the boxes become flattened and the home becomes their home, they will be able to explore an ever-growing library of How To articles, covering delicious recipes, DIY inspiration,
crowd-pleasing party games and much more.


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