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Estate Agents and Managing Agents.

Spaciable makes micro-management manageable.

An accessible interface allows administrators to manage properties by plot, phase or development, so notifications can be targeted, removing the need for lengthy mailing lists and ear-numbing phone call marathons.

An integrated defect management system enables residents to report defects through the portal, which can then be logged and administered, thereby streamlining the process and keeping a clear record of what has been done for whom.  This can also improve health and safety and customer service standards, subsequently reducing complaints and claims of negligence.

Residents can be provided access to details of their finishes and fittings, a list of FAQs and key contacts, encouraging a level of self-sufficiency that filters queries down to the purely essential.

Spaciable pre-empts common questions and issues, with the goal of reducing queries, complaints and disputes, creating a more unified and pleasant experience for all parties.

Ultimately, Spaciable saves management teams time and money by replacing phones and letters as the communication tool of choice.

Spaciable can also be seamlessly integrated into the existing systems and processes for managing agents, complete with training and ongoing support.


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