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Spaciable is built on over 20 years’ experience in delivering handover solutions to 250 of the UK’s homebuilders, and is designed to take customer service to the next level.

Branded at corporate or development level, each bespoke portal will help bind a developer’s relationship with the homebuyer, reflecting a depth of customer service that transcends a transaction and places focus on the long-term satisfaction of all parties.

Homebuyers and homeowners will benefit from a wealth of information and resources that encourage self-sufficiency, thereby minimising costly customer service calls.  An expertly written homeowner manual, room-by-room specifications, FAQs, How To articles and appliance user guides cover many settling in, maintenance and operation queries that homeowners are likely to have at some point, providing a one-stop-shop for issue resolution.  Any queries that remain will be directed to the most appropriate party through a key contact directory.

An accessible interface allows administrators to manage properties by plot, phase or development, so notifications can be targeted, removing the need for lengthy mailing lists and phone call marathons.  Developers can ensure maximum engagement with messages, while homebuyers and homeowners are not frustrated by endless communications that do not affect them.

An integrated defect management system enables residents to report defects through the portal, which can then be logged and administered, thereby streamlining the process and keeping a clear record of what has been done for whom.

Spaciable can elevate a developer’s brand amongst homebuyers and homeowners by not only promising a willingness to go above and beyond, but having the resources to deliver in style.  This can be taken even further, with various upgrades available for integration, such as 3D walkthroughs, using the latest technology to essentially create digital site visits, available 24/7, or How To videos, where we produce and edit on-site videos that reinforce the home demonstration.  This ensures information is conveyed in the most accessible formats possible, while reflecting a significant investment in customer service and, ultimately, the homeowner.


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